Leopard Blazer + Black Skirt

Hello Beautiful souls, 
Have a look at how I styled my Leopard Print Blazer.

7 Dressing Mistakes That Can Undermine Your Job Interview

Got a job interview coming up and not quite sure what to wear? Its said knowing what to wear when going for a job interview is half the battle of the interview itself. The popular saying could never be so true, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Since you only get one first impression, wearing the best outfit is an important key to positively influence the interviewer.

Flowy Top + Skinny Pants

When it comes to dressing up for any occasion, nothing helps you stand out like some little bit of sparkle! This can be from your accessories or outfit. That is why I will say a little bit about sequins.

Sequin trend has been there and continues to exist…That’s what I love about fashion and style. It comes, goes and comes back again. It is a matter of how someone is creative about it… Sequins outfit vary, and this means they can be tops, sweatshirts, dresses, pants and skirt (which I might want to try soon).

Keep it B/W

Black and Whites. These are the easiest colors  when it comes to fashion and style. Simple as they are, if you do it just right, then you just end up looking elegant.

When we think of Church, that is sunday, we want to be dressed elegantly, and relaxed. So midi skirts and dresses are just perfect for that.

Black Midi Dress

If someone could raid Kulha's closet, then she will definitely get lucky in black collections. Why have black pieces? ? This is because black goes with just about anything. You can get absolutely anything to pair with.