Back Laced

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Happy new year dearest reader. I had missed doing this by the way. It seems like it's been ages since I posted, but am here now and am excited for this amazing year.

Okay, so this black dress is so unique and I love it's details. It has laced sections at the back and front. Oh, look at its back, there's also the pleating details. Isn't it an amazing piece.
I loved it on spot when my twin bought it ( actually thrifted) for me, and it was all messed up at the back. I had to fix the back part to look the way it does at this photo.
I added a pearl necklace, pink purse and straped sandals.
You can also rock this look if you want. All you need is a black dress and accessories. 

Have a great and blessed sunday.


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Linda Otiende
11 January 2015 at 19:02 delete

Looking good the dress!