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I have gained a lot of weight for the past 1 and half year i think. However, i have come to appreciate all the curvaceousness it has brought (to say the truth, am still getting used to it). Everyday i have to do do some few AB exercises to shed off some extra layers especially my tummy section. Actually am on a 30 day challenge this month, and as i write, am on my 7th day (someone should join me).

I have always loved short pieces since years back when i was in primary, even though my mama and papa disliked it. I used to dress up when they were all gone and enjoy myself.
I have always had this red skirt, when i was skinny, and even now i still do have it. And it still fits by the way. I decided to tuck in a black buttoned blouse. 
Another thing, my love for boots just started a few years back, even though i haven't embraced it very well. I need to add a few other pairs to my shoe collection.
Enjoy this look and cheers