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It is amazing how things change. One minute you are feeling hurray, and the other you feel like the world is crashing your heart out.

That's what i have been through, and i got to remember that "i wish the earth could open up and swallow me" phrase. It has been a slow week for me, but now am up, healthy now and full of life.
I wont say much, but enjoy my simple look in this simple but lovely dress that i normally wear it as a top to office. 
The dress has this amazing thing going on at the skirt section, some drappy details and i feel this whooshy effect as i turn round and round like a ballerina princess. OK, i don't know about that.
Oh oh..before i say bye for now, the sandals i have are so amayzing. comfy and just lovely.
Enjoy and a fantastic day


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Abbi nyaonga
19 February 2015 at 18:35 delete

I hadn't seen this post you look edgy and chic :-)

Faridah Kulha
20 February 2015 at 11:03 delete

Abby dear, thanks for checking it out :)