Graduation Outfit Dilemma

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My sister recently asked me, " what are you going to wear on your graduation?". This question intensified my dilemma. This post will be talking more on this dilemma, and am sure many have the same. Be it graduation, wedding, or any event. Everyone wants to dress up for the event.

The dilemma goes all the way from the dress, hair, shoe and accessories.

With all the searching, i had originally picked this royal blue chiffon dress. It was custom made for me.
I bought the material and the stud then send it to be made when i came across this.
Behind my back, i wanted a simple dress. Comfort was the key aspect here. You have to remember that during this day, you will have a gown over whatever you choose.

Some other options were..
 You must have realized that my choice was concentrated on flared when it comes to the skirt section, why? Ok, its because i wanted the mid section not to be too tight. However, this means no silhouette for my curves, you know what am saying??? keep guessing which i picked

For the shoe, i have a number in my closet. But.., there's this type of shoe that i have never thought of putting on. The strapped sandals like this ones..

 I got a pair recently, and i love how my feet look in them. It is not too high, 2 or 3 inch. I don't want getting tired walking in them.
With each passing day, i get conflicted but finally i think i have found it. If you want to see THE CHOSEN outfit, keep checking. Coming soon 

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