My Hair, My Story - Part 1

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What wish will I have when it comes to my hair?? Hmmm..definetly to have volume and thickness for my hair. But that's my wish and sometimes wishes do come true, except if they are impossible...for example wishing you were tall when you are short. But that's my opinion.

My hair is the 'thin' type and not so much but just enough. But I wish I had more :-( fill up my head.

I have never been keen when it comes to my hair but I have developed an interest in doing just that recently. I realized my hair wasn't healthy. It was weak and had split ends. With any hair brush, all this hair strands fill the floor and remain on the comb. Its frustrating if you know what I am saying.

Am used to braiding my hair when am bored, but with this habit,  I have come to loose my hair especially the ends. Constant twisting and braiding for weak hair types like mine is a disaster. That I have come to realize.

So I decided to do a trim. Actually my saloonist advised and she trimmed my hair. She actually trimmed a big chunk off.

So right now am still trying new oils/hairfood and ways of growing my hair healthy. I have embraced the drinking of water which goes all the way to my general body health.

Conditioner and Shampoo

After getting a reference, I am currently using the olive creamy aloe shampoo and conditioner. I am trying to find the best product for my hair and so, I have to test a few before I get the best.

To say the truth, I kind of feel my hair softer and moisturised.
Hair Oil

So I decided to pick this indian oil from the supermarket and see its magic. It's Alma hair oil. What interested me is  the what was written. That it helps hair with split ends and helps damaged hair. Oh! and the picture of the indian lady with beautiful hair...
I have been using it for 3 weeks and to say the truth the soft and shiny feel and look it gives my hair is amazing. It really is good stuff for someone who has natural hair and wants to increase hair growth ( as said on its package).

Not to forget, my hair has been trimmed like a month and half. I have actually blow dried it once. I have been washing it occasionally and dried it naturally. I want to try reducing heat because too much of it definetly damages your hair.

Today Is when am goin to the salon to straighten it a little. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this long post about hair. More will be coming.

Have a lovely weekend lovelies


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TheReel Rhee
20 December 2014 at 09:27 delete

goodness!! you have such amazing hair!

20 December 2014 at 23:15 delete

Thanks dear. Too bad the planned trim took away a big chunk off.

Thnks for stopping by