Mum-Daughter Outfit- Outfit 1

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The mum-daughter outfit idea  is an idea that am loving it myself. Its adorable to see a mother and her young daughter looking like two twin sisters of different age and size.

By the way, why is it so cold and its already December. Ok, am not good with the weather thing, but what I know is that December is always hot. My assumptions maybe.

Anyway, lets get back to the main thing. So am really thrilled and excited for this, and I know any mother, or soon-to-be mother or just any person will be too.

So this idea came up on a last minute preparation for a shoot. I was basically focused on the midi skirt I have had for like a long time. Everytime I trie it on, I have always taken it off because of the midi length,  and the pleats( you can imagine if they were gathers).
Anyway, my girl insisted I take pics with her and I saw her flowered hot pink top and wuuaalaah..there and there, I got her a black ruffled skirt.

Thanks alot for taking your time to read the blog.
Continue having a joyful festive season