Simply All Black

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Black was a color related to mourning or just sad moments.But, that changed with time because Black rocks just anytime. Black is one color that I regard as a true friend. Always there to lift up your confidence no matter the occasion. Be it a date, interview or just when you are indoors. No matter the size and shape, it is flattering and just fascinating. Timeless is what I will call it.

Still on color black, I just remembered I have this Ngoma shoes, that are very faded. Many of my friends used to wonder why I cannot part with them, and I did wonder too. The shoes are just comfy, and they really save me when its a rainy season. So now, am on a mission to revamp them. Yes, keep checking, because I am thinking of sharing what I will do to them (I think I will, if they come out pretty. And. Cute)

Today was that day you regret of not picking an outfit before sleeping. In a rush to get out of the house, there was no better outfit to pick for such a hurry than this black pencil trouser and a blazer. Picking a top was easy too.

Have a great week.
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