Tunic Dress

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When I was picking this dress Yester-night, I remembered the primary uniforms. Remember those days? Okay, for me it wasn't exactly as I dressed, but I remember other schools had uniforms where, you had a sleeveless tunic, and a white blouse. I miss those days. How time flies.

So my outfit was inspired by the Primary School uniforms. Thank God that with time, office wear is not limited to skirts and blouses. Dresses are here, and they still will remain. Anyone, absolutely anyone  ( size, shape, height) can rock them.

Since, the weather has changed, and I wanted this dress on me today, I just added a stripped blouse. To decorate it, I opted for my favorite waist belt.

So, don't over think on how to dress up for office. Be simple, but always think of comfort.

Have a blessed Tuesday, and Thanks always for reading.