Stripped Dress-Top

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Today, I was out of words to pick for the title of this post. So basically, what came into my mind was:
  1. Stripped Dress
  2. Navy Blue Skirt
  3. Navy and Striped
  4. Dress -Top
  5. Navy Blue
  6. Office look #2
  7. Favorite Tree Spot (because the tree seems to be in all the photos)
So, since my head was stuck in the clouds, I picked number four. This is because, this lovely top as seen here is actually a beautiful flared dress. It is light, and that is why it didn't give me issues when I tucked it in with my navy blue skirt. 

Which title would you have picked for this post?

The weather was unpredictable, so I had to add a black trench.

Hope you are enjoying your week so far. 

Enjoy your afternoon and the rest of the week.