15 Things Before 2016 (15 Before 16)

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 I know it sounds odd to write down my resolution in February. Actually it is almost March. But it shouldn’t matter anyway. Anyone can pick what time to do certain things, without necessarily following the pattern. Provided you know the direction to which you are going, and what to achieve.

I recently was going through Rhonda Byrne audio book (The Magic Practice) and I love how she makes the process of showing appreciation so easy to do. In addition I have also been watching Superlatively Wonderful videos and I felt pretty much ready to wake up and start doing whatever I want to do. By the way ladies try watching this one because I know most of us fall into that trap and we don’t know how to deal with jealous. Its normal to feel jealous but control it and it will be healthy.
Back to the post, there are several things my twin and I want to do before 2016. Yaay, we are on it and I know we will get to it. Why don’t you write yours down too!

So basically, we are two and we have to separate or something.
1.     Surround myself to positive people. Less negativity for me no more
Get my own place
Go camping
2.     Be at peace with myself in terms of who I am. Not try to change but be myself
Go to the movies. Confession time. I have gone only once, and I don’t even remember what movie it was
3.     Continue improving my vocabulary. I have challenged myself to read 24 books this year. Seems reasonable for me right now
My sister has challenged me to read a book. And imagine she gave me a challenge of just one book a year. How could she? So I want to read more too
4.     Tell people I care that I do love them and say thank you to those who are kind
Learn a foreign language
5.     Do a lot more local tourism with my family
Go out and enjoy the beautiful nature of Kenya
6.     At the end of each day, find what I should be thankful for. I think I will write it down in my journal
Be honest to myself and other people. And Learn to appreciate them
7.     To be more keen about my skin, and find the best product for my skin. Trial and research keeps going on and on…..
Find the best foundation for my skin.
8.     Catch up and connect with my friends. It’s been long for me. That comes with working and being a mother and a wife. Busy schedule
Get swimming lesson. I know you are surprised, but yes, I don’t consider myself a good swimmer
9.     Try and stop my sweet tooth from controlling my life. I think this should be up there. Yes, I want to try and limit my ‘sweet-things’ intake.
Increase my vegetable and fruit intakes. Okay, its actually fruit intake
10.   Buy MYSELF a bag. I actually managed to do that, but more will be a good thing too *wink
 Buy a little red dress. I don’t know why I haven’t found my LRD yet
11.   Be more active on my blogs. I have like two more, and it is not an easy thing to manage
Throw a dinner party for my friends and cook for them
12.   Oh! I almost forgot, get a driving lesson and get a DL for me
Test drive my dream car
13.   Complete several projects I have been postponing for some time.
So there is this project we are planning on with my twin. So I need to work on it too
14.   Re-master my wearing heels even though flats are sexy too. Yes they are
Try to buy myself closed flat shoes. I only have one and I have realized it is important to have them
15.   Art. I need to paint something and frame it. I think I can do it with my Little girl because she loves drawing
Volunteer for something

 So why don’t you go ahead and make your list too. Or do you want to share one or your resolution?
By the way, there is something Laura and Meg said in one of their episodes, and what they said is: ‘When you are still in your twenties, you are still experimenting on your style, so YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY EXPENSIVE. Experiment wisely by getting something of value; yet save on your money.’ They add that ‘you might buy expensive pieces then wear them once because it just doesn’t go right with you. So invest in expensive pieces when you already know what goes well with you. What do you think?

Have a wonderful Weekend full of God's Blessings

Kulha and Dotto


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21 February 2015 at 18:33 delete

hey you two your resolutions are either too late or very early but who cares there is really no guide book on when to make your resolutions..we share a couple of resolutions like reading and being thankful..well zue resolution 8 is my fav please start with that one...and kulha no 11 sounds delicious waiting for an invite :-)...:-)

23 February 2015 at 13:05 delete

Abby dear there is no lateness here and am sure you were 'late' too. So how many are you planning to read this year?Anyway, about that resolution number 8, it should happen very soon.

On behalf od farida, wait for it because she is serious about it

Faridah Kulha
25 February 2015 at 08:57 delete

Abby, you should wait for it. A call will come for the invite.

Thanks for always checking the blog.