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Am staring at this sheep on todays Google Home page animation. Am all glued at first then i went into a stance moment thinking about..nothing. Okay, that happens to me most of the time when i am thinking and am very far into my thoughts and my own world. I stare at something or someone, but then if it is a person and i realize he/she is like "why are you staring?" I then quickly realize my eyes were on her/him and get out of my very far away thoughts. Oh God, those are the weird moments.

So this was happening to me yesterday. I was staring out into the sky, then i realized i was straring at the TEXAS CANCER Centre. I have been passing through Mbagathi road like for ever, but i have never seen this place. How come? I guess its because, my commuting time is fixed on a good book (I am almost tempted to talk about the book am reading, but thats for another day) or take a nap.

I realized, i have never (seriously) gone for any cancer test. That is what I will call ignorance. And so i researched and asked around. But this screening is very important to those with the cancer cells and those without. The aim for this screening, for example the mammograms, is to find any cancer cells before any symptom starts to show.

I know many people ignore the fact that they dont have a family member who has cancer, and so he/she cannot get it. But that is just pure ignorance because anyone can be a victim. Okay, if lets say you are a smoker, don't you think you can get lung cancer? reflect on that!
We are used to eating these foods on our normal days. It is like a daily routine. However, some foods are not good for us when it comes to our health and bodies. The food tend to put us on a higher risk of getting diseases such as cancer. From a brief research i did, i got a few things that we can try to check on. Keep reading to know in order to make the risk lower.
I know cooking oils help in the cooking process, but they can be harmful to our health. These are the oils that are not of good quality or used in excessive (which other people do to make the food look yummy, but it doesnt). Mind the type of cooking oil and the amount.
the chemicals used to cover some snacks can trigger the formation of cancer cells. This is true especially on the preserving agents found in some snacks.


With the lifestyle we have acquired presently, it only leads to many complications. That is true when we talk of the food we eat. To help yourself into eating healthy and avoiding all that processed foods, try eating the following.
Steam or boil it and you will notice that you have added something great to your healthy diet.

This has a proven fact to preventing cancer risk. have it boiled and enjoy your additional healthy diet.

Vitamin C foods:
These food jave been studied and considered effective in treating cancer and making the risk lower. So ensure you eat fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily routine. make vegetable and fruit juices or salads and enjoy.

There are some herbs like black peper, garlic, cloves and ginger which are known to make the risk of getting cancer or any disease lower.
I thank God for people i know especially my sister Salma Mbarak who is a Cancer Soldier. She tries to inspire people with cancer (to those who know her). Through such people one gets inspired and motivated.

In summary: 
  • Anyone can get cancer
  • Get yourself tested
  • Eat well and avoid some junk and unhealthy foods
  • Cancer is not contagious
  • And for strong cancer survivors and patients, stay and be strong 
If you are in Kenya and you want to get screened, you can go to:

Keep checking for more. Thanks for reading. Have a healthy and great day.


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